1953-1960 Ford F-Series Crown Vic Swap Bolt-on Lower Control Arm Mounts

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Fitment & Specs:

  • Fits 2003-2011 Crown Victoria Front Suspension swapped into the 1953-1960 Ford F-Series Frames
  • Full bolt on design, simply slide these mounts onto your CV lower control arms after you have mounted the cross member, drill a few 1/2" holes and bolt on.
  • Rigid Construction using all 1/4" water jet cut steel
  • Precision Mig & Tig welded
  • All necessary hardware, bushings & alignment shim pack included


Special Notes:

Bottom Side Shim Kits are available and may be necessary for the 1953-1960 Bolt on Lower Control Arm Mounts to sit properly against the underside of frame rail. Throughout the development stage of these parts, I found there was a few different methods being used to install the CV IFS on the 1953-1960 model year chassis. I've collected a lot of data and feedback from customers over time and put together a kit that could easily be adapted to accommodate all methods of install. The kit is sold in the most commonly used configuration.

Items are sold in bare steel finish with all necessary poly bushings, bolt sleeves and hardware to mount to frame. Factory lower control arm and nut is needed and will not be included with this sale.


How will I adjust my caster with these mounts?

These brackets were designed with optimal alignment adjustment in mind. Unlike the factory lower control arm bushings which were slotted for adjustment at the bottom side, these use a standard straight through polyurethane bushing. To adjust caster, you will need to use alignment shims between this bracket and the frame rail very similar to many aftermarket upper control arm setups. Factory spec calls for lower control arm studs to measure 33" center to center after installed to be in the center of adjustable range with some positive and negative adjustment. These brackets will mount your lower control arm studs to 32.5" center to center to leave room for adjustment "out" via shims from there. This allows you to fine tune your caster in both positive and negative directions. 


Lifetime Warranty:

All Outcast AutoWorks built products are backed by a lifetime warranty including brackets, hardware and bushings! If our parts don't last forever, we want to know about it!


Guaranteed Fit policy:

Buy with confidence! Here at Outcast, we take pride in our products and realize every project is unique. We want to offer parts that exceed expectations and above all, fit. When you purchase from us, we are committed to providing parts that fit YOUR project. We wont stop until you are 100% satisfied. If changes or part exchanges need to be made, we've got you covered. 


Returns are accepted as long as the item has NOT been painted, powder coated, cut or re-welded.