Ford F100/Crown Vic Swap Big Block 429/460 Polyurethane Motor Mount Set

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This product is built to order and has a build time of approximately 7-10 business days. PLEASE READ ALL SPECS AND NOTES BEFORE ORDERING. 

Outcast AutoWorks LLC Big Block to Crown Victoria IFS adjustable Polyurethane motor mount kit. 

Kit includes:

  • Driver & Passenger side engine perch mounts that bolt to block
  • Grade 8 Steel mounting hardware
  • 85a Polyurethane bushings in choice of Red or Black


  • Raw Steel
  • 100% water cut & precision welded
  • Centers BBF over Crown Vic mount points. (which is slightly offset to the passenger side). 
  • MOST Front sump oil pans will sit just above CV cross member. 
  • Adjustable slots allow for approx 4" of front to back adjustment

Complete motor mount kits to bolt a big block ford onto the 03+ Crown Victoria front suspension in 1961-1979 F-series trucks including F100, F150 & F250.


Some applications may require shorter engine mounts so that they seat properly to the crown Victoria crossmember. If you need shorter mounts we can make them to whatever specifications you need. Keep in mind that these mounts are designed to use front sump oil pan with factory drivetrain set. If you require the shorter version, you will need to swap to a rear sump oil pan. Another option if vehicle pinion angle is out of spec would be to shim your transmission and/or transmission crossmember. If you are unsure whether or not you will need the shorter version, please call us at 484-363-9535 so we can help determine the proper height mount to ship. 



Returns are accepted as long as the item has NOT been painted, powder coated, cut or re-welded.