Ford modular v8 4.6/5.0 Coyote to Crown Vic Swap F-Series Motor Mounts/Relocate Mounts

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Current estimated build/ship time is  2-3 weeks from purchase date.


These mounts are to relocate 4.6/5.0 Coyote motors and solve common engine placement issues when installing modular motors in crown Victoria swapped trucks. In combination with factory Crown Victoria 4.6 engine mounts, these relocate crossmember extension mounts will give you approximately 2"- 4" adjustment back towards the firewall.


  • Second 1/2" mounting hole MUST be drilled on backside of Crown Vic crossmember for proper mounting strength and stability!
  • Factory 2003+ Crown Victoria motor mounts are required with these mounts or Outcast Coyote engine mounts, and are not included. For applications that require the engine to sit higher, you will need to use our Coyote engine mounts in addition to the Relocation brackets. The Coyote engine mounts are available in multiple heights. 
  • Oil filter relocate kit may be necessary depending on application.



Returns are accepted as long as the item has NOT been painted, powder coated, cut or re-welded.