Adjustable Crown Victoria IFS Tubular Upper Control Arms

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Outcast AutoWorks LLC. Tubular adjustable upper control arms for the 2003+ Crown Victoria independent front suspension.

These 2003-2011 Crown Vic Tubular, adjustable upper control arms. Available in any ball joint angle for extreme wheel size and air ride combo. Intended to fix common camber issues with the Crown Vic IFS static dropped or air ride, with endless adjustability and options available for order.



We start with super beefy 3/16 wall steel tubing then the tube is drilled and tapped internally to 3/4”-16 (fine) threads. No weld in bungs leaves for a super clean and strong adjustment rod end. Control arms are 100% TIG welded. 

Balljoint cups are machined out of large steel tube with a half inch thick wall. They press fit factory style crown Vic ball joints and we have added an internal machined groove for security snap ring to ensure balljoint is secure even under harsh wear and tear. 

Lastly, the arms are built to accept all common rod end widths such as 4 link or control arm poly type bar ends that can be found from many different aftermarket suppliers for affordable servicing in the future. 



2003-2011 Ford Crown Victoria front suspensions (swapped vehicles or Crown Victoria)



Factory to 1.5" longer in length


Ball Joint Specs:

Serviceable factory press fit style ball joints with added internal snap ring. Increased ball joint angle option available for longevity of life and extended travel for more ride height settings. 


Material Type & Wall Thickness:

  • 1/2" thick large diameter machined ball joint cup
  • 3/16" Thick steel tube wall
  • 3/4-16 (Fine) thread tube ends



  • Hardened 3/4-16 Chromoly Teflon lined heim joints. Teflon lined to prevent any squeaks or noise even in the worst of road debris and dust.
  • Ruff Stuff Specialties hardened misalignment spacers.



These arms are designed to correct the camber issues when lowering the 03+ Crown Victoria IFS from factory setting. In most cases when running 17" to 20" diameter wheels, these arms will allow for alignment within factory spec. These arms installed with smaller diameter wheels (17' and some 18" wheels) may reduce turning clearance by approximately 1" at full lock. Wheel offset plays a huge factor in this situation.

Running these arms with air spring/air ride suspension will give you the ultimate adjustment at ride height with very minimal camber change when suspension is adjusted in air pressure or drop. 

In addition to camber fix, we have improved the ball joint angle by increasing approximately 17* to avoid binding in upper ball joint when suspension travel is increased with larger diameter wheels and/or air bags are deflated.

This purchase includes both driver and passenger upper control arms "loaded" with all hardware. We use Eastwood brand powder coat and is included in the price (if selected from drop down menu). Please add note of desired powder coat color from the charts pictured when checking out. Please contact us for custom pearls, metallic and metal flake options. Click Here for Eastwood Powder Color Chart.

Control arm sets are also available in raw/bare steel finish. If preferred, select "Raw/Bare Steel" from drop down menu before adding to cart.

Each kit is special order and will have a build/ship time of approximately 4-8 weeks. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns prior to purchase by email or phone.